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A significant percentage of kids with ADHD are being misdiagnosed because they are less mature.

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This suggests that a significant percentage of kids with ADHD are being misdiagnosed just because they are less mature. It raises important questions about how kids are being diagnosed, and how to avoid misinterpreting the behavior of children who might be having trouble meeting expectations just because they are younger.

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and (most recently) Taiwan — are consistent. The youngest children are significantly more likely to be diagnosed than the oldest in the same class: boys as much as 60 percent and girls as much as 70 percent. The Taiwan study even showed the prevalence of kids diagnosed withADHDdecreased month by month from the youngest to the oldest in the class.

What can we do to address this problem while still making sure kids get the help they need?

Most ADHD diagnoses are the result of children struggling to meet expectations for behavior and performance in school. All young children find it challenging to sit still, pay attention, wait their turn, finish tasks and keep from interrupting. By school age most have developed skills to manage these things as expected. Those who don’t are often flagged by teachers who have a lot of experience with typical behavior and child development.

But the age range of students in a given classroom can span a whole year, which means that the developmental differences between the youngest and the oldest can be substantial. That’s why it’s important that if children are being evaluated for ADHD, their behavior should be compared with that of other children their age , not all the other children in their class.

other children their age

“If a child is behaving poorly, if he’s inattentive, if he can’t sit still, it may simply be because he’s 5 and the other kids are 6,” explained Todd Elder, lead author of the Michigan study. “There’s a big difference between a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old, and teachers and medical practitioners need to take that into account when evaluating whether children have ADHD.”

Here are other “best practices” that should be followed to avoid misdiagnosis:

A child shouldn’t get a diagnosis of ADHD based on a teacher’s observations alone. A clinician evaluating a child should collect information from several adults, including teachers, parents and others who spend time with him.

For a child to be properly diagnosed with ADHD, the signs and symptoms that are associated with the disorder — inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity — have to be present in more than one setting. Are they noticeable at home and in social situations, as well as school? Dohis parents worry that he’s so impulsive he’s a danger to himself? Does she have trouble keeping friends because she can’t follow rules, can’t wait her turn or has tantrums when she doesn’t get her way?

Hi there,

I have been having this mucous issue for almost 2 years. My TSH has been around .4 but my doctors say it is fine because it’s at low end of range, even though I have all hyperthyroid symptoms. What was your TSH? Can you tell me which medication you are taking for this so that I can push the issue with them or a new doctor and hopefully get some relief? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you!!

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Jennifer says

Laura, Please check out this website all about Thyroid issues. It will help determining your lab results and why doctors say you’re normal when you’re not.

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Have your doctor test free T3 if you are concerned about hyperthyroid. FT3 is the active hormone.

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Wanda says

Hi, this sounds crazy but I have been on synthroid since having my thyroid removed. I have felt terrible for years and told my doctor the meds must not be working but like you I was told the test showed my levels were good! My condition declined to the point that I couldn’t walk, had trouble breathing and didn’t have the energy to get out of bed and my memory was pathetic. I was so worn down and weak that I ended up in bed for at least 18 hours a day. Finally a new doctor checked my B12 because I had symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, heart problems and nerve damage. B12 anemia was the cause of everything! Get your levels checked……feel better!

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Love Unstoppable Confident Energy says

Wanda, I am beyond Happy for you! Love Unstoppable Confident Energy Each All!

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Sem says


Does it actually work if you take ONLY Methylcobalamin to treat b12 deficiency or do you also need other forms like adenosylcobalamin (or can Methylcobalamin get converted into adenosylcobalamin)? And if you corrected high MMA and homocystein via Methylcobalamin is then a potential adenosylcobalamin deficiency ruled out?

thank you

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Faizel says

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Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

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The Cherry Creek Schools Foundation is a 501c (3) Non-Profit that connects our community to the Cherry Creek School District by identifying resources and partnerships that result in the implementation of innovative programs and meaningful educational opportunities for all students and educators.